The envelope generators provide control voltages (CV's) that can be used to dynamicy change of parameters;

such as; frequency, amplitude, pulse width, cutoff. 

The most common use is in connection with a filter and a voltage controlled amplifier in order to achieve

dynamic timbre- and level-changes. Thus the envelopes of the S1 are internally connected to the oscillators,

filters and the amp, but can be routed elsewhere via the patch-panel. Both envelope generators are identical.

ATTACK TIME. Time needed to reach the envelopes full level after a key is pressed (or the EG is started


DECAY TIME. Time needed to fall down from the full level to the sustain level.

SUSTAIN LEVEL. Level that is held as long as a key is pressed.

RELEASE TIME. Time needed to fall down to zero level after key is released (or other note-off command has

been received).

GATE DELAY TIME. Delay time between note-on command and start of the attack-phase.

ENVELOPE OUTPUTS. Provides the control voltages of the envelope and the inverted voltage.

CV INPUTS, external controls of envelopes Allows the voltage control of all envelope parameters. This is very useful fea ture for modelling of complex dynamic sounds.