Master Controller

The Master Controller section determinates the master frequency and/or modulation depth to all modules

coupled to it, such as oscillators and filters. The four knobs are easy to understand:

MODULATION LEVEL is pre-patched to the LFO output and determinates the master modulation depth being

aplied to the incomming pitch CV (CV1), hereby modulating all oscillators and filters connected to the master

CV bus.

GLIDE determinates the time to glide from one note to another in 5 octave span.

TRANSPOSE is the master octave setting (± 3 octaves).

FINE TUNE (± 3 semitones).

The three MASTER CV switches disconnect the corresponding oscillator from the incomming pitch CV.

The oscillators are not tracked anymore by an e.g. keyboard, thus allowing the creation of sounds that are not related to a tonal scale.

All oscillators FM LEVEL (controlled by knobs) are calibrated (1 Volt/octave) and can be controlled by an

external sequencer or other CV source with calibrated 1Volt/octave signal.

MODULATION INPUT sockets; the inputs for individual frequency control of the three oscillators are internally prepatched to the LFO's output, OSC1's output and OSC2's output (as you can see on the labelling of these sockets). The LFO's output is also pre-patched to the modulation input for the Master Controller.

This allows you to individually modulate the frequency of each of oscillator and the master controller just by

moving the FM LEVEL knobs in the oscillator section. The same aplied to the MODULATION LEVEL knob

in the MASTER CONTROLLER section. The MODULATION INPUT sockets breaks these pre-patched

signals and allow you to redirect any other signal to frequency control of the oscillators and the master tuning.

The MIDI CV OUTPUTS sockets provide four different control voltages generated by the internal MIDI-CV

converter of the S1, corresponding to incomming MIDI data.

The MIDI-GATES & TRIGGERS sockets provide the gate and trigger signals that are internally connected

(sent) to the envelope generators. Gate and trigger signals, generated by the internal MIDI CONVERTER are

pre-patched to these inputs and can be overriden by inserting patch-cords.

The three corresponding TRIGG & GATE switches determinate the activating of the envelope generators

to received MIDI messages and/or trigger/gate signals, selected MIDI channel (1) or selected

MIDI channel+1 (2).

The first (left) switch selects the trigger signal starting ENVELOPE GENERATOR 1 and the third switch

does the same for ENVELOPE GENERATOR 2. They choose between trigger signals (generated from note

on massages) at MIDI channel 1 or MIDI channel +1 (2) OR " no trigger" (in the middle position).

The second switch selects the MIDI channel for activating of the ENVELOPE GENERATOR 2;

selected MIDI channel (1) or selected MIDI channel+1 (2).

The MASTER CV TRACKING knobs control the cutoff frequency tracking, and allow you to set the filters

to track the master pitch CV from 0% to 200%; you can e.g. make higher notes sound brighter than lower

notes, from no effect thru calibrated 1 Volt/octave (1/1) to extreme 2 Volt/octave (2/1).

Additionally, each filter has the individual CUTOFF MODULATION switch that allows CV3 (Modulation Wheel)

or CV4 (Aftertouch) to control the cutoff frequency.