The envelope generators provide control voltages that can be used to dynamically change timbres.

This section provides the output stage of the S1. The internally routed audio signals are summed, amplified

and sent to the instrument's outputs.

FILTER MIX adjusts the mix ratio between LPF- and MMF-outputs in any proportion.

OVERDRIVE makes the S1 sound "nasty" and "grungy".

OUTPUT LEVEL controls the overall signal level, sent to your audio system.

AMPL MODULATION. The level of the sound can be dynamically controlled by the envelope generators.

ENVELOPE MIX adjusts the mixing ratio between both envelopes in any proportion.

ENVELOPE MODE switch determines how much the signal is attenuated over time. Logarithmic mode (log)

is very useful for extremely percussive sounds. The patch section provides:

AUDIO EXT INPUT can be used to process external audio material in the S1' amp section. It is prepatched to

the LPF output. Its level can be adjusted by the FILTER MIX knob.

OUTPUT provides a master audio output in addition to the one on the backside.

CV ON / OFF switch makes the S1' amp velocity-sensitive, since it is pre-patched to CV2 (MIDI velocity).

Using the EXT VELOCITY socket, any other signal can be used to control the velocity.